While we are most often called to put out a legal fire, we make the effort to understand and explain the underlying organizational or personnel conditions that provided the kindling. We have the expertise and experience to offer a range of services that address the deeper issues, promoting organizational effectiveness and reducing the risk of disruptive legal problems in the future.

Our experience and techniques have proven effective with a broad range of clients who seem to appreciate, in addition to the quality of the services, the nature of our approach. “One-size-fits-all” advice rarely fits anyone. So we listen closely to you, explain the options and consequences, and then tailor a recommendation to your unique operations, preferences, and tolerances.

If litigation becomes appropriate or unavoidable, we manage the case. We provide you with assessments, budgets, and efficiency. We litigate with a clear and experienced understanding of the law, the procedures, and the risks. We communicate regularly and confer over the merits of alternative litigation strategies. We help clients to resolve and to reach their litigation-related goals.

Significant litigation cases in which our clients’ positions have prevailed after adjudication or appeal, or have been vindicated by favorable settlement terms, have occurred in many areas, including but not limited to the following: accommodation or coverage under disability discrimination statutes; contracts; wrongful discipline or discharge; discrimination on the basis of a protected class; family and medical leave rights; fringe fund contributions; interference with worker’s compensation; layoff and recall; overtime; preemption; sexual harassment; unfair labor practices; union representation; and withdrawal liability.

Our consulting and training services are designed to bridge the divide between the services of employment lawyers and those of human resources consultants. We provide traditional legal services in the employment and labor fields, but with an added awareness of corporate culture, values, and operations. We provide personnel management tools and techniques, but with a professional understanding of emerging law. The result is the customized delivery of a broad spectrum of services that respect the individual requirements and outlook of each client.

We work to achieve a client’s goals while preserving or improving relationships. Accomplishing a client’s employee relations objectives should involve changing, but not necessarily impairing, management’s relationships with unions, employees, and others.

We build capacity in our clients. We help managers to help themselves.