Traditional fee for service:

After discussing the issues with you, we would offer a range of options, including a recommended course of action. The services would be billable by the hour, with the rates dependent on the provider and the service. We do not bill for routine e-mail or brief phone  conversations; and we do not bill for items that we consider to be part of overhead, such as most computerized research or normal incidental expenses. Consulting and litigation fit well in this billing model.

The firm’s rates are flexible, depending on several factors that can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Once established, they will not change within a twelve-month period.

Flat fee:

Some activities occur with sufficient frequency that we can estimate the likely range of fees. In other cases, we may be able to define a set of activities that would achieve your desired result, and we can agree on a flat fee. Training and some administrative agency defense cases fit well in this billing model.

Unlimited services for a regular monthly fee:

After assessing your needs and objectives, we can define a set of services that would be available on demand. Your managers call for assistance when needed. This arrangement tends to build capacity by exposing your staff to a wider range of assistance, and it eliminates the conflict between seeking advice or staying under budget. Your organization receives high expertise with low overhead. Consulting and training fit well in this billing model.

Customized menu of services for a fixed price:

After discussing your priorities, we define a set of services and assign them each a point value. Over the course of a year, the fee for those points is fixed. However, the menu is flexible, so that, if your priorities change because of an internal decision or an external claim, we redefine the services while keeping the expense fixed for the same number of points. Consulting and training fit well in this billing model, but it can also be expanded to include administrative agency defense cases.